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Teacup Dogs - Top Mini Breeds for Avid Mini-Canine Lovers

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  • What is a Teacup Dog Breed?
  • Top Teacup Dog Breeds - Miniature Canines for Small Spaces
  • Health Concerns of Teacup Dogs - Are They 100% Healthy?

Want a dog but could not find the one that matches your living space? Consider getting a teacup dog. Teacup dogs are the miniature representatives of their standard breeds. As the name says, these dogs are small, tiny actually, and they could fit really well in small places including your bag.

Teacup dogs gained popularity due to the celebrities having these mini canines versions, and because of the cute and adorable teacup dogs videos on social media. Undoubtedly, these dogs are seriously charming and captivating.

Here we have discussed these teacup dog breeds and also about the top 10 choices.

What is a Teacup Dog Breed?

A teacup dog is a miniature version of a breed that is already small in size. These breeds include Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese, Chihuahuas, and Pomeranians. These animals are bred to be as small as possible and have small statures, weighing no more than 5 pounds.

As per the American Kennel Club, a dog weighing between two and five pounds and measuring less than 17 inches when adult, is considered a toy breed. Teacup breeds are also considered a part of this toy breed group.

Due to their size, they make great emotional support animals for the people who need a support animal but do not have enough space to keep it. These dogs come in small sizes but they have larger than their size personalities.

And once you have your eyes on any of these, you could not help but bring one home.

How are Teacup Dogs Bred?

It is nearly impossible to find a reputable breeder that breeds teacup dogs or puppies. It is because a teacup dog or teacup puppies are no specific or distinct breed. These dogs are the ‘runts of the litter’, which means that they are simply smaller than their siblings.

With the increase in the popularity of these tiny dogs, breeders attempt to get more of these canines by either inbreeding these runts or stunting the puppies’ growth. In both cases, these dogs suffer. Therefore, getting a teacup pup is just a matter of chance.

To get one, check local shelters and rescue homes and see if they have any of such dogs. Do not get the puppy from a store or a puppy mill as they have despicable breeding conditions and no regard for the health of the dogs.

If you could not find the teacup dog, try getting a toy or one of the small dog breeds. These dogs are small in size, and they are healthy also.

Top Teacup Dog Breeds - Miniature Canines for Small Spaces

Here are the top dog breeds that are small in size but are full of fun, and great to have in the house.

1. Pomeranian

Unlike what they are known for now, as lapdogs, these canines were initially bred to pull sleds and herd cattle and other animals. Those Pomeranians weigh about 30 pounds but during the 19th century, these dogs were bred to be smaller in size. It was done to have these canines as companions instead of working dogs.

Their teacup version is even smaller and adorable.

2. Poodles

These dogs are known and loved for their intelligence, social skills, and athletic drive. They make great house animals. Teacup poodles do not weigh more than 4 pounds, with their standard version weighing anywhere between 45 to 70 pounds. They shed less than others, thanks to their curly coat, and make a great option for people with allergies.


Height - Less than 10 inches

Weight - Less than 6 pounds

Physical Attributes - Curly and dense coat with available colors including black, apricot, white, and more.

3. Beagle

Though small in size, teacup Beagles make up for their size by their friendliness and immense energy. Most of these dogs weigh anywhere around 15 pounds, which is considerably a lot for a teacup dog. They could be a bit stubborn but when trained properly, they respond well to positive reinforcement. Don’t forget to give ample treats when training him.


Height - Less than 15 inches

Weight - Less than 20 pounds

Physical Attributes - Solid body structure, and coat color variations including white, brown, tan, black, and more.

4. Maltese

These dogs are one of the oldest living dog breeds and they were once considered royalty and prized possessions of noblewomen. The teacup version of these dogs weighs between 2 to 4 pounds and since they are small in size and low in energy, teacup Maltese make great companions for people who need a cuddle buddy only.


Height - Less than 7 inches

Weight - Less than 7 pounds

Physical Attributes - Dark, attentive, and alert eyes, silky, single, and white-colored coat.

5. Pomsky

This dog is a result of crossbreeding between a Husky and a Pomeranian. They come in a variety of sizes and it solely depends on how much of the genes they have inherited from each parent. However, no matter the size, these canines are quite high in energy, and having one home means that you should be ready for ample playtime and walks.


Height - Up to 10 inches

Weight - Up to 9 pounds

Physical Attributes - Miniature wolf-like appearance with white, black, silver, and more available colors.

6. Yorkshire Terrier

Besides the teacup variants, the standard size of a Yorkshire Terrier is also quite famous. These dogs do not weigh more than 3 pounds and still have big and bold personalities. Teacup Yorkies love to ‘talk’ and they are very prospective and loyal to their family. These small bundles of joy are very confident and they do not shy away from attention.


Height - Less than 7 inches

Weight - Less than 7 pounds

Physical Attributes - Small and compact structure, silky and soft coat, color variations include blue, tan, black and tan, blue and tan, and more.

7. Bichon Frise

Also known as curly lapdogs, as their French name also translates, and the dog lives up to its reputation. A Bichon Frise is loved and known as loving companions and due to their white and fluffy appearance, they have the looks of a stuffed toy. These dogs are very cuddly but they do need exercise to stay healthy and happy.


Height - Less than 10 inches

Weight - Less than 12 pounds

Physical Attributes - Black, alert, and attentive eyes, soft and dense coat with white and cream, solid white, and white and apricot colors.

8. Chihuahua

Known as the smallest dog breed, teacup Chihuahuas gained fame from TV commercials and the love they get from celebrities. These dogs need proper socialization and training to develop into well-rounded dogs. These are very smart dogs and they need both physical and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy.


Height - Less than 5 inches

Weight - Less than 6 pounds

Physical Attributes - Attentive and alert expression, could have a long or smooth coat and the colors include tan, black and more.

9. Pug

Standard pugs make great pets and their mini versions are no less fun to have around and in the house. These teacup Pugs have a laid-back personality, fewer exercise needs, and they do not weigh more than 3 to 7 pounds. Some of these canines could be stubborn at first but when trained firmly and gently, they respond well to training.


Height - Less than 10 inches

Weight - Less than 14 pounds

Physical Attributes - Small and round face, short nose, short legs, smooth and shorthaired coat, and they come in the black and fawn-colored coat.

10. Shih Tzu

These dogs are considered ‘divas of the dog world’ and for very good reasons. Teacup Shih Tzus have long and silky hair that you could style also. Their body structure is muscular and quite athletic as they were bred for dog sports. However, due to their flat nose, overworking them could be dangerous.


Height - Less than 9 inches

Weight - Less than 9 pounds

Physical Attributes - Long, silky, and flowing coat with color variations including gold, blue, black, silver, and more.

All of these dogs make great pets and emotional support animals. They are small in size but they have large and lively personalities. To bring one of these miniature beauties home as an emotional support animal, you will need a valid ESA letter.

Health Concerns of Teacup Dogs - Are They 100% Healthy?

Unfortunately no, these dogs are not completely healthy and based on their breed, they could have several health issues and diseases. Some diseases that are common among all of the breeds include diabetes, heart diseases, and cataracts.

Due to their small size, these canines could also suffer from several conditions due to their size. Here are some of the common health problems among teacup dogs.

  • Hypoglycemia - it is a sudden and extreme drop in the sugar levels of the dogs’ blood. This could cause several symptoms like weakness, seizures, and shivering.
  • Obesity - small dogs have faster metabolisms and, due to this, they need frequent feeding. This could lead to unhealthy weight gain and due to being small in size, this could be dangerous for them.
  • Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis - this condition is quite common in small dogs and its symptoms include bloody diarrhea, lethargy, vomit, and loss of appetite.
  • Bone Fragility - small dogs have small and fragile bones that are prone to breakage. These dogs could experience more fractures, and bone breakage than bigger dogs.

Besides, since these dogs are so tiny, they could be stepped on or dropped on the floor easily. Therefore, they may not make an ideal fit for a household with small kids. For them, medium-sized dogs would be much better.

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