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Don’t leave your pet behind!

Travel on any U.S. Airline with YOUR PET in the passenger compartment WITH YOU. Federal Statute Air Carrier Access Act (49 U.S.C. 41705 and 14 C.F.R 382) is clear: Airlines must provide “reasonable accommodations” for your well-behaved pet (regardless of size or breed). Our 100% legitimate ESA Letter guarantees your rights under the law!

No more landlord hassles...period.

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 means you and your pet can live where you want to. But you must possess a legitimate, medically-prescribed ESA Letter. That’s exactly the kind of legally-enforceable documents our 50+ licensed therapists provide.

Change your life...and the life of your pet!

Order your bona fide ESA Letter now and live anywhere, fly anywhere...with your pet.

Our mental health professionals provide the only legal documentation to
certify your need for a legitimate Emotional Support Animal.

The Benefits are Real

  • You are guaranteed reasonable rental housing access for you and your pet, regardless of a landlord’s “no pet” policies or the species or size of your well-behaved pet without additional pet fees or deposits.
  • You will have access to all domestic airline commercial flights in the company of your well-behaved pet without the imposition of additional airline fees, taxes, or surcharges.
  • You are guaranteed the 24/7 love, affection, and support of your pet wherever you go.
  • Your pet requires no special training of any kind.


  • Your pet must be well-behaved and responsive to your commands.
  • You must be in possession of a valid Emotional Support Animal letter that includes:
    • Dated within the past twelve months.
    • A mental health professional’s letterhead, signature, license number.
    • Professional evaluation indicating your need for your pet’s emotional support.
    • Recommendation for an emotional support animal.
    • Your name and type of your pet (dog, cat, etc.)

Join the RealESAletter.com Family Today

Join the RealESAletter.com Family Today

Our Legally Certified Process

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    Complete a simple

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    If Qualified,
    Place Your Order

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    A licensed
    therapist reviews your

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    Receive your ESA

You can have your legally compliant ESA letter in hand within 24 hours, so
Don’t leave the one who truly loves you behind!