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Martingale Collar - 5 Best Choices for your Dog in 2022

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Martingale collar

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  • What is a Martingale Collar?
  • Best Martingale Collar Choices for your Dog in 2022
  • How to Use a Martingale Collar?
  • Benefits of Using Martingale Collar for your Dog

A martingale collar is better than the usual dog collars. Usually, dog owners use choke chains and buckle collars that may put pressure on the necks of their hounds. Besides, this choking can also be dangerous for your animal.

However, other than a martingale collar, you will need to have a number of other things for your dog like a good quality dog house, some snuffle mats, and high-quality dog crates.

A martingale collar is different and using it is also easy and less risky than the usual collars. These collars have double loops that slip into the neck of the dog and in case you need to pull against it, the pressure is evenly distributed.

How to use it and which martingale collar will be the best for your dog? Get all the answers below.

What is a Martingale Collar?

A martingale is a type of dog collar that is used to get more control over the animal without choking it. These collars are comparatively effective and more suitable than the usual buckle collars and chains, and this is why it is now recommended by many veterinarians.

These collars are also known as greyhound, humane choke, and whippet collars and originally, these collars were designed for dogs whose necks are larger than their narrow heads. Besides, these collars are also good for dogs that are fond of slipping away.

These dog collars have two loops that slip into the dog’s neck and distribute the tension evenly.

Martingale collars are better than chain and bucket collars because they cause minimal injury and when used properly, it gives better control. Training your pet and ESA dog is important and these collars will help you do it easily and without causing any harm to your dog.

When training your emotional support dog, make sure that you choose a safe and easy-to-handle collar for your dog.

Best Martingale Collar Choices for your Dog in 2022

Now that you know that a martingale collar is better for Coco, you must be wondering which collar will be the best for your dog. Don't worry, we did the work for you. Below, we have reviewed 5 of the best martingale collars to help you choose the best for your dog.

Lupine Martingale Collar - LupinePet Original Designs

The collar is perfect if you are looking for something that would offer more control and flexibility. It is great for leash training and for long walk sessions. It has a limited-slip collar and an additional D-ring that makes the collar adjustment process easy and gives a place for your dog’s ID.

Tory Leather Martingale Correction Collar

The collar is an excellent training collar for the canines that make the walk sessions difficult for the dog owners. Made with an inch wide Havana leather, this leather martingale collar is great for preventing escapes and preventing injuries. It has two loops; the main collar and the smaller loop.

Stainless Steel Chain Martingale Collar - Max and Neo

Looking for a stylish and sturdy dog collar for Coco? Max and Neo's stainless steel martingale collar with chain is a good choice for your dog. The material that is used to make these collars include chain, leather, fabric and nylon and its reflective stitching helps the dog owners to see and keep a watch on them during the nighttime walks. Besides, the company donates a collar to the dog rescue on each purchase.

Martingale Collars - Blueberry Pet Essentials

Made with high-quality and durable nylon, this collar is a great option for dog owners who are looking for an anti-slip solution for their dogs. Though the collar is specifically designed as a martingale collar for a greyhound, it works for all sighthounds.They work quite well with other dogs also. It comes in different colors and with a personalized martingale collar option.

PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar

This collar is recommended by veterinarians and dog trainers and unlike many other collars, it is considered the best collar for everyday use. This makes an ideal martingale collar for a puppy also as puppies grow and so should their collars.

It comes in different sizes and is equally great for the growing and dogs that have big heads. It has a smooth tightening motion that tightens slowly, is affordable and ideal to be used on a daily basis.

Other than these, it also has a ‘collar with a buckle’ variation, PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar with Quick Snap Buckle,and Gentle Leader collar that gently moves and controls your dog’s neck. This martingale collar with a metal buckle gives greater mobility and easier adjustments.

Web Reaction Collar - Ruffwear Martingale Collar

This martingale collar from Ruffwear is ideal if you want a collar that offers an easy on and off option. It has reflective Tubelok™ webbing and with its limited-cinch, it makes a great collar for the dogs that do not like to be leashed.

It also has several other features that are the trademark of Ruffwear. These features include an ID tag attachment point, a tag silencer made of silicone, and sturdy and comfortable webbing that does not fade with time.

Other than these, you can also get custom martingale collars for your pooch. There are a number of online marketplaces like IfItBarksTheArtfulCanine that offer this service and you can order the kind of collar you want for your dog.

Other options include the following martingale collars

  • EarthStyle Clyde collar
  • Soft Kitty Black Swiss Velvet Essential Collar
  • Reflective Black Nylon Martingale Collar
  • Daisy Stripe Collar
  • Best for Comfortability - Country Brook Petz Heavy Duty Martingale Collar
  • Best Leather Martingale Collar - Mighty Paw Leather Collar
  • Best for Puppies - Dazzbar Martingale Collar
  • Stylish Martingale Collar - Auburn Leathercrafters’ Sheepskin Lined Martingale Collar

How to Make a Martingale Collar at Home?

Besides buying or having a custom-made martingale collar, you can also make one yourself at home. The key advantage of making the collar yourself is that you can choose the design and width of the collar yourself. To get the complete instructions, follow the blog below.

How to Make a Martingale Collar at Home

How to Use a Martingale Collar?

Using a martingale collar is easy and should not be a worry for you or your hound, provided that you know how to use it properly. These collars are built to provide slip safety and complete control over your dog but, if not used correctly, they could choke it just like a normal collar.

‘How to fit a martingale collar?’

Below are the steps involved in the fitting and usage of a martingale collar.

  • First, slide along the buckle and adjust the collar to the widest part of it.
  • Slip the wide loop over the head of your dog
  • Once you have looped the collar through the dog's head, pull it to the narrowest part of the head or neck and tighten the buckle.
  • Be careful, do not tighten it too much, and leave a space of at least 3 fingers
  • When attaching the lead, make sure that you attach it to the smallest loop.
  • Once done, pull and see if the two buckles meet, if they do, loosen up the collar and adjust until they are properly fitted..

A martingale collar offers greater safety and efficacy than a normal one, but this does not mean that you will not need to be careful when using it. If the collar is too tight, when the two buckles meet, it could choke and injure your dog.

How to Measure Martingale Collar for Your Dog

Benefits of Using Martingale Collar for your Dog

Why a martingale and not a usual collar? There are a number of benefits that a martingale collar offers and due to these benefits, many dog trainers and veterinarians also suggest it.

Some of the key benefits of using a martingale collar are listed below.

  • Martingale collars help in the training of the dog and you can teach them basic manners and commands easily.
  • They are great to help you control your dog in a better way.
  • They come in different sizes and colors
  • Have a petite dog? No worries! Martingales come in all sizes and a petite-sized collar is definitely among them.
  • They are safer than choke collars or pinch collars
  • These collars are available in different types and you can even customize them according to your requirements.

A martingale collar or a well-fitted martingale collar is an ideal and effective choice for dog owners who are looking for high quality, easy to use, and safe dog collar. These collars offer a limited slip to the dog and are good to be used as an everyday collar for dogs of all sizes.

An ESA is a great way to provide emotional support and companionship. If you are an ESA owner, now is the time to get your letter from a licensed mental health professional!

Get your ESA dog letter today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are martingale collars cruel?

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No, martingale collars are not cruel. In fact, they are specifically designed not to be cruel as they are different from choke collars. Even when you pull a martingale collar your dog won't be affected by it.

What does a martingale collar do?

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A martinage collar is a specific type of dog collar that is used for special control over the dog. It doesn’t choke the dog, however it is more useful in restricting their movement.

What is the difference between a martingale and regular collar?

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The difference between a martinage and regular collar is that a martinage collar has two loops. One loop is to fix the size of the collar around their necks, the second is used to provide additional control over the dog.

Can a dog wear a Martingale collar all the time?

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No, a dog can not wear a martingale collar all the time because the tightening effect of the collar could ultimately choke the dog or could lead to discomfort in the neck. This could make your dog cranky as well.

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