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DIY Dog Houses: Easy to Build and Cozy for your Dog

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DIY dog house

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  • What are the Different Kinds of Dog Houses?

Looking for an easy-to-make DIY dog house project for Coco? These DIY dog house building plans are easy to follow and they will make sure that you could build a comfortable and safe house for your dog. A good house will keep your dog safe from the outside weather and from any possible danger.

Dog houses are quite simple to build and anyone can make it with basic carpentry skills. Though you can buy a readymade dog house many times, a good quality dog house is quite costly. With a good house plan, you can make one for your dog easily and under $100.

Before making or using these houses, make sure that it is made as per your dog’s size and measurements. Some of the dog house plans given below are fully customizable and you can make them according to your dog’s size.

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What are the Different Kinds of Dog Houses?

Before building a house for your canine friend, you must know about the different kinds of dog houses and the one that will be the best for your dog. There are different kinds of dog houses that are useful and house your dog effectively.

Below are the 16 kinds of dog houses, choose the one that is the best for your dog:

1. Basic Dog House Design

This dog house is simple and easy to make and install. It has a simple look and it is great for medium-sized dogs. The entire house plan is available on Lowe’s official website and you can get all the information regarding the tools and building instructions there.

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2. A-Frame Dog House Design

Though it is a simple house design, it looks great in your yard. The time required for making this house is less than a day and you can build it for $100 in total. At DIY Network, you can get all the blueprints, building material, and detailed instructions for the house design.

RelatedSimple A-Frame Dog House Plan

3. DIY Dog House with Deck Design

This dog house is available on Jen Woodhouse. The house has a deck, a toy box, and a food and water place. The best thing about it is that you can download the design plans. All you have to do is to add your email address and download the designs. Besides, written instructions, you can also get an instruction video.

RelatedDIY Dog House with Deck

4. Simple to Build Dog House Design

This is a standard dog house plan and design that is easy to make. The website has added all the required and important instructions with pictures and blueprints. Once on the site, you will find comments from actual people that will help you build your dog house easily.

RelatedBuildEazy Simple Dog House Plan

5. Crooked Dog House Design

This dog house adds character to your yard. The design is different from the usual and basic design. The design plan is available on Ana White’s website where she takes you through the entire process along with the diagrams, blueprints, and instructions. They are easy to follow and build a dog house.

RelatedAnn White’s Crooked Dog House Design

6. Step-by-Step Pallet Dog House Design

Dogs love to live with humans and this is why a beautiful dog house is a great way of making your dog more comfortable. This dog house could be built with wood pallets and plywood and can keep your dog warm and safe. The site has complete instructions and photos to help you.

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7. Mini Ranch Style Dog House Design

This is a stylish and luxurious type of dog house that looks different from the usual dog house. Made with sheets of plywood and having functional features, this house is great to keep your dog safe and you can clean it easily. Get the blueprints and instructions on the site below.

RelatedRanch Style Dog House Plan

8. DIY Insulated A-Frame Dog House Design

This dog house is an excellent project and design to keep your dog warm in winter. With a 9 square food base, it is ideal for both small and medium-sized dogs. Besides being a warm haven for your dog, it is also a very affordable house design with being just under $75.

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9. Large Wood Dog Kennel End Table Design

This dog house or kennel design works both as a dog house and a side table. It is ideal for small dogs that like to stay indoors. To help you make this multifunctional side dog house-cum-side table, all the blueprints, photos, and instructions are available on the website.

RelatedLarge Wood Dog Kennel End Table

10. Unique Log Cabin Dog House Design

This model is a robust and rustic-style dog house that is both unique and strong enough to house your furry friend. The house will keep your canine inside on rainy days also and allow him to enjoy it without getting wet and prevent water from getting inside.

RelatedLog Cabin Dog House Free Plan

11. Free East Fork Dog House Design

This dog house is easy to make and it will look great in your yard. It looks different from other houses of wood and you can also put a light lamp or bulb in there. To make the house even cozy, you can put cushions and some blankets in it. Get all the instructions and the free plan below.

RelatedEast Fork Dog House Plan

12. Functional Mobile House Design

This house is great if you need something that you could move around freely. The dog house plan is available on Instructables. It is easy to make, especially with all the work plans and blueprints available, and when finished, it could house two dogs easily.

RelatedFunctional Mobile House Plan

13. Adorable Wooden Dog House Design

Besides being good in size, this dog house also has two small windows with shutters. Though it is a simple design, making this house will need intermediate building skills. With cedar shingles on its roof and gives a modern and comfortable look and feel. Get the free building plan below.

RelatedDIY Wooden Dog House Plan

14. Simple and Easy Dog House Design

If you are looking for a simple dog house design then this is ideal for you. This dog house design from My Outdoor Plans is a great design plan that you can make on a weekend. The site features all the required things like blueprints, diagrams, and instructions that you need to build your canine’s house.

RelatedSimple and Easy Dog House Plan

15. Custom Insulated Dog House Design

Working on this house, you can customize it as per your dog’s size; small, medium, and large. To keep it warm, it is insulated to keep it warm and cozy for your dog. This is easy to make and even if you are a beginner, you can manage to build it easily.

RelatedCustom Insulated Dog House Plan

16. DIY Doggie Designer Dog House Design

It is simple and easy to make a dog house that could be made easily and with affordable and recycled building material. This kind of house has insulated floors, an optional inner wall, and a cedar deck to complete the look. You can get all the information and instructions at the link below.

RelatedDoggie Designer Dog House Plan

All of these dog house plans are easy to make and add a stylish look to your yard or house. These plans and building blueprints are available on the websites and you can get them easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wood should I use to build a dog house?

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Most wooden dog houses are made of wood. Cedar, pine, or fir. You should use wood with a water-resistant sealant or stain on it so the house is free of harmful chemicals.

Can you use treated lumber for a dog house?

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No, you shouldn’t. Don't use pressure-treated wood for the inside of your dog house. Animals can't walk on it because chemicals are bad for them. Use pressure-treated wood only where it doesn't come in contact with water.

What is the best thing to put in a dog house for warmth?

FAQ Icon

Foil-backed foam boards are a good choice for insulation because they are easy to install and very effective. Insulation will keep your dog's house warmer.

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