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CBD Dog Treats - Top CBD Dog Treats Brands for Coco

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CBD dog treats

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Do you know that CBD oil is equally beneficial for dogs also? The benefits of CBD oil are quite well-known for humans but quite a few dog and pet owners know that the same oil is quite helpful for their canine companions also.

CBD oil and dog treats are helpful if you are looking for an easy-to-administer and harmless treatment for pain, arthritis, anxiety, inflammation, and seizures for your dog.

Apart from this, CBD oil offers a host of benefits to your furry companion and contributes to his overall health and well-being. There is loads of research and evidence that prove the effectiveness of CBD oil for dogs.

Know more about it and how they help your dog in the blog here.

CBD Dog Treats vs. CBD Oil - Which one is Better?

Usually, the dog owners administer CBD in the form of oil for their dogs and many may not know that it is available in the form of treats also. CBD tincture and CBD oil are sometimes used interchangeably but which is better?

CBD oil is better than treats as it absorbs the body in a better way and you can choose from different CBD oil for dogs to get one for your canine.

However, some dogs do not like the taste of the oil. For them, CBD treats make a better alternative. Something that makes them even better is that they come in different flavors and you can test them before knowing which one your dog likes the most.

Moreover, following the dosage is easier for treats than oils. The dose should be according to the dog’s body weight.

You can also bake the treats into your dog’s favorite ‘pupcakes’ to give an extra treat to your canine. Some dog owners believe that baking these treats would decrease their efficiency but as per research, baking does not affect the impact of these dog treats.

To make sure that your dog gets maximum benefits of CBD, choose the treats from a top and reputed producer only.

What is the Recommended Dosage of CBD Dog Treats?

For the oil, it is better to start from a minimum amount, about 2mg or even lower, to see if they are working. Notice your dog and see if the dosage is working for him, if you do not see any improvement, increase the dose a bit.

If you see any side effects then lower the dosage. In the case of treats, luckily, you will not have to worry about measuring the amount and dosage. Each company has a different recommended amount for their treats and it depends on the concentration of the oil in the treats.

There are no clear regulations for CBD dog treats, which means that you will have to do some research and work by trial and error method. Start slow and increase the number of treats over time. However, do not make it a habit and keep a check on them and the amount.

Best CBD Dog Treats - Top Choices for 2022

Though CBD offers a number of potential benefits to your dog, different companies create different kinds of treats. The quality of the product depends on the quality of the ingredients used in creating the treats.

Some of the factors to consider when buying the treats from a specific brand include;

  • Quality of the ingredients
  • Concentration of the CBD oil
  • Flavor of the treats
  • Level of potency

Based on all of them, below are the top 6 choices of CBD brands for dogs.

1. HonestPaws - Top CBD Pet Brand in the US

HonestPaws creates and provides full-spectrum hemp oil and fully organic CBD oil and products to help your dog’s gut. Their products are made with high-quality and effective ingredients and they are available in both chewy and crunchy forms.

The company was created by an avid dog owner who was wary of the side effects of the medication and wanted something safer and equally effective. The hemp source that they use is locally grown and lab-tested for its purity.

2020 Industry Recognition Award” from Pet BusinessUsually less available due to high demand
NASC seal
Product analysis certificate – given by the third and neutral party
Human grade, USDA organic, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free
Local US product

The treats are available in multiple forms like mobility soft chews, calm soft chews, calm bites, relief bites, and wellness bites.

2. cbdMD - Highly Trusted

These treats are tested and created by a professional and reputed team of veterinarians. They come in different flavors - liked and loved by dogs - and you can choose from a wide variety for your dog. The company works to provide helpful alternatives for dogs and pets’ well-being.

The products are made with the highest quality and broad-spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes. When they are fused together, these ingredients work great together and offer greater benefits for the dogs. The hemp used to make these treats are high in quality and grown locally.

Moreover, it is tested in reputed labs and facilities.

EconomicalYour dog’s digestive system may take some time to adjust and get accustomed to it.
Made with non-GMO hemp ingredients
State-of-the-art customer care and service
60-day refund policy

The treats are available in different varieties including hard chews, calming and soft chews, hip and joints chew, and peanut butter treats.

3. Diamond CBD Contemporary

Treats made by Diamond CBD contain full-spectrum CBD oil. These treats are specifically made for specific health issues and they help your dog a lot. These treats come in a variety of flavors and they use non-GMO ingredients for their treats and other CBD products

The company was created by a team of experienced doctors and scientists who work towards creating high-quality CBD products. They have come up with several different hemp extracts and Diamond CBD is a key player in the industry of CBD products.

Currently, they have 10 pet products in the market, and the CBD oil produced by them is considered the best.

Available in 5 flavorsThe effects are gradual and it will take some time till you notice any results.
Made with non-GMO ingredients
Come with different dosages
High in quality and made with full-spectrum CBD oil
Can be bought in bulk

Their CBD oil treats flavors include meaty steak, beef wraps, wavy bacon and cheese bites, kabobs, special dog biscuits. They have an innovative approach in creating their products and they ensure their customers’ satisfaction.

4. HolistaPet - 100% Natural & Colorado Locally Produced Hemp

All of their products are made with 100% natural ingredients. The products are made with three distinct formulas and once your dog gets the taste of them, he will crave for more. The company works with the aim of offering safe and relatively healthier treatment options for dog owners.

Started by a team of health enthusiasts the company focuses on combining their knowledge and experience and creating CBD treats and products to help the natural balance of your dog’s body. The main source for the products is organically grown hemp farms and 100% organic hemp.

Promote and improve relaxationThe treats may cause mouth dryness in pets.
Strengthen joints movements
Save more with a subscription
Each treat has 5mg CBD
Available in several flavors

The treats are available in different forms and varieties like calming chews, heart and immunity-boosting treats, joints and mobility support treats, stress and anxiety relief treats.

5. Anxiouspet - Boon for Anxious Dogs

The product is a result of inspiration of a man and his dog, Boulder who experienced anxiety. Anxiouspet was founded with the aim of offering a better solution and alternative for pet parents who need something safe for their dog. And the results were phenomenal.

The company has created its products with the sole aim of minimizing anxiety in pets. Their product excels in this and they are expanding to add more products also. Dogs could be anxious due to many reasons and for them, these treats are ni less than a blessing.

Effective bioavailabilityThe potency options are limited.
Created and made by expert vets
Quick shipping
60-day money-back guarantee

They are available in relax and roll soft chews. In case your dog shows signs of anxiety, like chewing on the furniture and showing signs of depression and fear.

6. Pet Hemp Company - Lab-Tested and Organic

The Pet Hemp Company offers a number of CBD products like CBD oil, CBD treats, and CBD capsules. All the products are made with organically sourced hemp and other high-quality products.

According to the company, all of their products are vet and pharmacist checked and created, and they are clean from harmful ingredients.

One of the key things that make them special is that they have hemp seed powder in their products, apart from the cannabidiol extract.

Locally sourced hempTreats may be too hard for senior dogs Some dogs may not like the taste of the treats
Potent and 5mg CBD per treat
Excellent brand reputationSome dogs may not like the taste of the treats
Economical cost

They offer a number of benefits for your four-legged companion and you can save a lot with exclusive discounts also.

Good quality CBD treats are made with coconut oil, sweet potato, and other dog-friendly ingredients. These can also be given to the healthiest dog breeds.

‘Is CBD Safe for my Dog?’

Yes, CBD is absolutely safe for your dog given that it is derived from hemp and not marijuana. The CBD is a naturally occurring compound that could be obtained from both marijuana and hemp. But you must use the one obtained from hemp only.

Marijuana has tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, which is poisonous for animals. CBD is not psychoactive and will not make your dog high. Check the label before buying one for your dog and make sure that it has hemp oil or hemp-derived CBD oil.

Moreover, look for one who has organic and natural ingredients.

Benefits - What are the Benefits of CBD for Dogs?

‘Do CBD dog treats work?’ Yes, they do. CBD provides numerous benefits to your dog. Here are some of them.

  • It helps the dogs having mobility issues. It could be due to arthritis or any bone-related injury. Mobility issues are quite common in senior dogs and for them, CBD works like a wonder. It helps in easing joint pain and relieving stiffness.
  • It helps in relieving pain. CBD helps in minimizing inflammation and supporting muscle recovery and healthy joints. If you notice any discomfort in your dog’s gait, take him to the vet and start giving CBD to him.
  • It helps in managing doggie stress. Like us, dogs could also be stressed due to many reasons and CBD helps in alleviating their mood. They calm the dog and minimize hyperactivity.
  • Besides, CBD contributes to the overall health and well-being of your canines. However, it is important that you choose a good quality and organic CBD product for your dog.

What are the Side Effects of CBD for Dogs?

Though these treats are safe for canines there could be some possible side effects. Below are the 2 common side effects of CBD for dogs.

Dry Mouth - CBD could cause less production of saliva in the dog’s mouth. To avoid any discomfort for your dog, make sure that you have filled and kept a freshwater bowl after you have given the treats to him.

Drowsiness - CBD is notorious for causing relaxation in dogs. This is why your canine may seem drowsy and sleepy. If the condition persists, you may consider reducing the dosage.

CBD is excellent for your dog’s well-being. It promotes joint mobility and helps in relieving stress and anxiety. Besides CBD, you can also give CBG to your dog. CBG is also a hemp plant product that has similar effects on your dog.

To know more about how they differ, check CBG vs. CBD and know more about their properties.

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