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The emotional support animal letter is a document that provides evidence of an individual's prescription for an emotional support animal. People with disabilities who suffer from mental illnesses like depression and anxiety often find it difficult to live their lives without the support of an emotional companion. So, an ESA letter comes in handy for such people.

If you're an animal lover, there's a good chance you've considered getting an emotional support animal (ESA). So, if you're considering getting one, you're likely wondering how much an ESA letter online costs.

Read more to know about the cost of an ESA letter and why the service providers charge this cost. Also read why buying an ESA letter can be beneficial for you!

How Much Does it Cost to Get an ESA Letter?

“Does an ESA letter cost money?”

The cost of an emotional support animal letter can vary depending on who you choose to write it for you, but typically ESA letters are not that cheap.

The prices range from $100 to $200. Some providers may offer a lower price, while others may be more expensive. Make sure you do your research before choosing a provider.

At, an ESA letter for housing costs $149 only. We provide legit ESA letters to all those who need them at an affordable rate. Regardless of whichever state in which you live, our ESA letter California costs similar to that for any other state.

The cheap service providers who charge at a discount when you buy ESA letters are not legitimate. Be very cautious and only work with trusted sources to ensure that your investment is worth it!

ESA letters last for 12 months, so remember that you will have to get them renewed after a year.

Why Does a Valid ESA Letter Cost More?

If you are looking for an authentic ESA letter from a reliable and professional service provider, then the price will always be higher than what other cheap services offer.

This is because they have licensed therapists who review your application. They assess how much mental or emotional disability affects the way that the patient lives their life. As this is a compulsory requirement for a patient to qualify for an emotional support animal.

These health professionals will help you figure out if you are legally allowed to have an ESA letter. They will also make sure that the ESA letter is specific to your needs.

An ESA letter is a document that proves that you are eligible to have an ESA. The letter must include the following information:

  • Patient’s credentials
  • Name and contact information of the licensed professional
  • License details of the health professional
  • The date on which the letter is issues
  • A brief account of the patient’s mental or emotional disability
  • The health professional’s statement that the ESA can help you with your illness
  • Signature of the health professional

Another important identification of a valid ESA letter is that it is always written on the official letterhead of a health professional.

Make sure to get receive an ESA letter that is signed by a professional in your state.

This is why a legitimate ESA letter cannot be bought cheaply. The licensed mental health professional (LMHP) charges a fair price for writing the letter, and the service provider also charges a minimum fee.

Should You Buy a Cheap ESA Letter?

No, you shouldn’t!

It may be tempting to buy an ESA letter at a lesser price to save money. However, it can land you in serious trouble.

Consider this - why would you want to save a few bucks when it could end up costing more?

Cheap ESA letters end up costing you more because if caught with a fake low-cost ESA letter, you can be charged heavy penalties. The amount of penalty may vary according to the state that you live in, but you can be fined up to $1000. Moreover, you would also have to serve jail time or community service.

The cheap ESA letters are fraudulent. They're not worth your time or money. This is because authentication from a licensed health professional will cost more than what you pay at a cheap service for a cheap letter.

Benefits of Buying a Valid ESA Letter

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 protects the rights and privileges that an ESA owner has according to federal emotional support animal laws. An ESA owner can only avail of these rights and privileges if he or she has a valid ESA letter.

The federal Fair Housing Act (FHA) has certain rights for those who own and live with an emotional support animal. These include:

    Housing providers must not deny accommodation to anyone because they have a disability and are allowed to bring their emotional support animal to any type of housing facility.

    ESAs are allowed in all kinds of housing facilities like houses, apartments, condos, hostels, dorms, etc. They are even allowed in a no-pet facility.

    The landlord is required to make necessary changes to accommodate your ESA and they can not charge an additional pet fee or charges from you.

The Air Carrier Access Act gives certain benefits to owners of emotional support animals. These include being allowed in the cabin with their animal, and the airline may not charge an additional fee from you.

An ESA letter will help you convince the airlines that your pet is actually an ESA. They may also waive fees if they see a small-sized animal within its carrier, which can be kept in the cabin without disrupting anyone else's experience onboard. For instance, emotional support dogs, emotional support cats, birds, miniature horses, etc.

The role of an ESA is service from that of a service animal or a psychiatric service dog. They are trained to perform specific tasks for people with a physical disability. On the other hand, people who qualify for an ESA have certain mental health conditions and the ESAs only offer emotional support.

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