ESA Letter for Housing - Solving your Accommodation Problems

An ESA letter for housing is the key to solving all your accommodation problems. According to the Fair Housing Act (FHA) issued by the US Department of Housing (HUD), an authentic ESA letter gives an ESA owner the right to live with their emotional support animal in any place they want.

This means no landlord or property manager can ban your pet from entering the premises. Or, they can’t stop you from living with an emotional support animal (ESA). This law even applies to the no-pet housing facilities.

Benefits of ESA Letter for Housing

Some major benefits offered to an ESA owner when they have a valid ESA letter are:

  • Your emotional support animal can live with you in any kind of housing facility. This includes apartments, houses, condos, dorms, co-ops, etc. You can not be denied accommodation due to your mental health condition, and your supportive pet can’t be rejected.
  • The property managers and landlord can not charge any additional fees or deposits from you.
  • The property managers and landlords can’t ask invasive questions about your mental disorder.
  • The property managers and landlords can not discriminate against the color, appearance, size, or breed of your emotional support animal.

Laws Regulating ESA Letter for Housing

An ESA letter for housing is a legally enforceable letter. There are two major emotional support animal laws that regulate the rights that ESA owners get through an ESA letter for housing.

Fair Housing Act (FHA)

The former version of the FHA was known as the Civil Rights Act, which stated:

“The Act expanded on previous acts and prohibited discrimination concerning the sale, rental, and financing of housing based on race, religion, national origin, sex, (and as amended) handicap, and family status. Title VIII of the Act is also known as the Fair Housing Act (of 1968).”

According to this, after certain amendments, the Fair housing law changed to the Federal Fair Housing Act Amendments (FHAA), which further clarified that it is illegal to:

“Refuse to make reasonable accommodations in rules, policies, practices, or services, when such accommodations may be necessary to afford a handicapped person equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling unit, including public and common use areas.”

People who have physical or mental disabilities that limit them from performing regular activities are called handicapped.

According to the FHA, housing providers must treat disabled people equally and not refuse their request for a reasonable accommodation just because of their disability needs. So, they can’t discriminate against the ESA owners and their pets.

If you have a valid ESA letter for housing, you can not be denied accommodation, and it is obligatory for the housing provider to accommodate your emotional support animal with you.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) makes sure that every state in America follows the fair housing act properly. The HUD housing rules for an emotional support animal are strictly enforced in all states. This includes making sure that landowners accommodate emotional support animals on their property.

Rehabilitation Act

The Fair Housing Act protects people with disabilities from discrimination when they are looking for a home. The act applies to both public and private housing authorities. However, "section 504 of the rehabilitation act" only covers homes that receive federal financial assistance.

In 1988, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) decided that discriminating against disabled people was illegal. This is stated in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation act. This law says that if a person with a disability is qualified for any housing benefits, they cannot be discriminated against in any way.

Even though section 504 of the rehabilitation act hasn't specifically mentioned landlords making reasonable accommodations for disabled citizens, HUD guidelines obligate landlords to make reasonable accommodations. Here, disabled citizens include those facing emotional or mental disabilities.

Who Can Issue an ESA Letter for Housing?

An ESA letter for housing must be issued by licensed healthcare professionals, such as psychiatrists, therapists, social workers, and counselors. The letters are typically signed by mental health professionals who have been trained accordingly to do so under HUD guidelines.

However, physicians can also approve these requests if they're within their scope of practice. They also should be provided with appropriate documentation from patients' records that support an ESA letter application.

The following is a list of licensed mental health professionals (LMHP) who can write an ESA letter for housing for you:

  • Licensed counselor
  • Licensed social worker
  • Licensed nurse practitioner
  • Physician
  • Psychiatrist
  • Licensed therapist

You can not write an ESA letter for housing yourself, thus it is just a waste of time to look for an ESA letter for housing template. An authentic letter has to be from an LMHP.

Do you need an ESA Letter for housing? Read on to see how you can get one.

How to Get an ESA Letter for Housing?

You can get an emotional support animal letter by visiting a nearby clinic. However, an easier and more feasible option is to get an ESA letter online from a reliable service like

You simply need to follow the process given below.

  1. 1. Complete the Questionnaire
  2. When you apply for an ESA letter at, we’ll take an online quiz to see if your symptoms qualify for eligibility. The test is simple and quick and only takes about five to ten minutes.

    This questionnaire includes questions relating to your mental health and your symptoms.

    It is a good idea to do the pre-evaluation questionnaire. This will help you avoid spending money on a letter if you don't qualify.

  3. 2. Place Your Order
  4. By the end of the questionnaire, you will get the expert verdict from our licensed mental health professionals on whether you qualify or not.

    If you do, you can safely place an order to get an ESA letter for housing. Placing an order will require you to mention basic details about yourself, including your name, address, etc. You can use any of our safe payment methods to make the payment for your letter.

  5. 3. Receive your ESA Letter
  6. With, you will get your letter fairly quickly after the evaluation. Your initial copy will be a digital one, but you can request hard copies by mail if needed.

    Once you receive your letter from our LMHP, make sure to check over everything to avoid any discrepancies.

This process ensures that you get an ESA letter through proper screening and that your Licensed mental health professional LMHP is completely aware of your condition. This ensures the authenticity of your letter.

With us, you can get an ESA letter within 24 hours of your order placement!

Who Qualifies for an ESA Letter for Housing?

To qualify for an ESA letter for housing, you must have a diagnosed emotional or mental condition, and your animal should help with its symptoms. The list of eligible disabilities can be endless, but there are some common ones that might qualify you for an ESA. Some of the common ones include:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Anorexia or bulimia
  • Social anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Schizophrenia
  • Panic disorder
  • Agoraphobia
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Depression

There are many mental or emotional disabilities that an emotional support animal may be able to help. The key is to get your condition diagnosed by a doctor and to discuss your symptoms with them to determine whether an ESA would help.

To get a diagnosis for your mental health issue, you need to be evaluated by a licensed medical professional. A prescription for a controlled medication is similar to an ESA Letter. The letter must be written and signed by a licensed physician or mental health provider.

Another major criterion for eligibility is that you must have a close relationship with the animal. Your mental health professional must believe that the animal would help you cope with or reduce your symptoms.

If they think your animal can help, they will officially recommend you get an emotional support animal by writing and signing an ESA Letter.

Can a Landlord Deny an ESA Letter for Housing or an Emotional Support Animal?

The FHA has very few exceptions, and they often do not apply in the case of an ESA. Most housing situations are covered by this law - there's no way for a landlord to deny you access because of your disability!

Here are a few potential exceptions to this law:

  • The owner occupies the building, and it is fewer than four units.
  • A single-family house that is being sold or rented without an agent.
  • A housing facility operated by a religious organization or private club with occupancy limited to members.
  • If the housing provider can prove that it would be too difficult to accommodate the ESA as they bring an undue financial or administrative burden.
  • If accomodating the ESA would essentially alter the nature of the housing operation.
  • If the ESA is a potential threat to or can be hazardous to the health and safety of other residents.

The Fair Housing Act protects the rights of ESAs, and everyone should be able to live comfortably with their disabilities. If your landlord is denying you this accommodation, you can easily file a complaint through HUD.

When to Tell Your Landlord About Your Emotional Support Animal?

The FHA says that if you have an assistance animal, then it’s important to let your landlord know. You can request accommodation verbally or in writing. There isn't a specific time frame for doing this but being upfront will likely save both of you some trouble later!

The best time to ask about bringing your ESA with you if moving into a new house is before you move in. If you're looking for an ESA but live in a place with pet restrictions, it's important to let your landlord know.

Can Landlords Charge for Emotional Support Animals?

Housing providers cannot charge you pet fees for an emotional support animal. This is because they are not considered pets under the Fair Housing Act, so ESAs can’t be charged as long as you present a legitimate ESA letter for housing.

Though a landlord can not charge a “pet fee” from you, there is a responsibility that lies with all the pet owners. They need to ensure that their emotional support animal is well-disciplined and housebroken. If your ESA damages the property or harms those living around in any way, you are liable to pay for those damages.

Similarly, you have no pet fees to pay once you get a legitimate ESA letter, but you need to pay to get an authentic letter. A free online ESA letter for housing or a cheap ESA letter for housing will only get you into trouble because they are fake letters. Make sure to get an authentically signed letter only.

Is ESA Letter for Housing Online Legal?

Yes, according to the FHA, online ESA letters are 100% legal as long as they are authenticated by a licensed professional.

At, we have licensed mental health professionals who will assess if you qualify for an emotional support animal letter or not. This means they will inquire about the mental or emotional health issue that you are suffering from. If you qualify for an ESA letter, which 90% of the people do, they will issue a letter within 24 hours. provides 100% legitimate and best ESA letter for housing. They are written in accordance with the federal laws and requirements of the FHA and HUD. Showing this ESA letter to a landlord will enable you to avail yourself of all the rights and privileges of an ESA owner.

Our ESA letter is enforceable and usable in all US States where FHA is applicable. So, those of you looking for an “ESA letter for housing near me” or “ESA letter for housing Florida” can get an ESA letter from

What Should a Valid ESA Letter for Housing Contain?

An ESA letter for housing legit should contain the following information:

  • Credentials and license details of the healthcare professional issuing the letter
  • Credentials of the patient
  • Minor details of the mental health disorder
  • Identification details of the emotional support animal
  • Date of issuance

Furthermore, keep in mind that an authentic letter must be written on the letterhead of a licensed mental health professional.

A free ESA letter for housing by a cheap service provider will never provide you a letter with the letterhead of a licensed professional. This is because they do not have licensed professionals; rather, they are just scammers.

So beware!

How to Spot a Fake ESA Letter for Housing?

You can spot a fake or cheap ESA letter for housing if

  • It does not consist of the signature of the LMHP
  • It does not consist of the license details of the LMHP, or the healthcare professional isn’t licensed in the same state as you
  • It isn’t written on the letterhead of the LMHP
  • It has missing details about the LMHP, patient, and the ESA

Usually, people are looking for an ESA letter for housing free, and they end up getting such fake ESA letters. But, putting forward a fake ESA letter can land you into serious trouble since it is a criminal offense.

So, you should prefer an affordable online service to get an ESA letter so that you are legally considered an ESA owner and can enjoy the associated benefits.

Thinking how much does an ESA letter for housing cost? An authentic ESA letter can cost anywhere between $100 and 200.

Make Living Easier With an ESA Letter for Housing!

Are you suffering from an emotional or mental disturbance, and your emotional support cat, emotional support dog, or other animals make life easier for you?

The good news is that the Fair Housing Act facilitates all ESA owners with rights that make them eligible to get accommodation wherever they want. It protects them and their support animals from any discrimination owing to their disability.

The only requirement is a legit ESA letter for housing! is here to provide you with an authentic ESA letter by following three simple steps. You can order an online ESA letter for housing easily while resting on that couch. This letter is authenticated by a licensed mental health professional and will help you avail of your rights as an ESA owner.

Still in doubt?

Check the sample ESA letter for housing attached below to be sure of our ESA housing letter format.

ESA Letter Free Sample for Housing

ESA Letter for Housing

ESA Letter for Housing

So, get a legally authentic ESA letter for housing online from our licensed medical professionals now, and make your living with your ESA easier and happier!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write an ESA letter for housing?

Being an ESA owner or a layman, you can not write an ESA letter for housing yourself. An authentic and legally enforceable ESA letter for housing should be written by a licensed mental health professional on their letterhead.

How hard is it to get an ESA letter?

It is not at all hard to get an ESA letter. You can order one online from a credible service like Or, you can visit your nearby mental health clinic and get one from there.

What does an ESA letter need to say?

An ESA letter needs to say that you suffer from a mental health condition. It also needs to state that your support animal helps you cope with the symptoms of your illness.

Can a physician write an ESA letter?

Yes! If the physician is well aware of your mental health condition and has been involved in the treatment process at any stage, they can write you an ESA letter.

Do Landlords verify ESA letters?

Yes, landlords can verify ESA letters. They may ask you for details about the LMHP that authenticated the letter. However, they can not ask for any additional details about your health condition.

Does an ESA letter for housing expire?

Yes! An ESA letter for housing is valid for only a period of 1 year or 12 months from the date of issuance that is mentioned on the ESA letter.

Do I need any documents to get an ESA letter for housing?

No! You do not need any additional documents to get an ESA letter for housing. The LMHP will diagnose your disease and assess your bond with your ESA to issue you an ESA letter for housing.

Do I require ESA registration in addition to an ESA letter for housing?

Any ESA certification, registration, vests, badges, etc., hold no legal position. The only legal document you need to enjoy your rights as an ESA owner is an ESA letter.

Do I need to train my emotional support animal to get an ESA letter for housing?

No! Emotional support animals do not need any additional training. However, it is in the best interest of the owner, animal, and the people around if the pet has basic training and is housebroken. This is so that the animal doesn’t cause any harm to himself or to those around him.

What if you order a “discounted” or “bargain” ESA Letter online?

There are strict penalties under law for offering non-legitimate documentation to landlords, transportation providers, or public facilities. Those penalties include

  • A criminal record.
  • A felony conviction that may result in serious jail time.
  • Fines up to $100,000 or more (Penalties vary from state-to-state).

Why take the chance?

Getting a legitimate, legally-enforceable ESA Letter is a simple process

Start my assesment NOW.