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How To Get A Cat Certified As An Emotional Support Animal

Cats are favorite pets as they are friendly, compassionate and loving. They need the same support, affection and apathy as any other emotional support animal (ESA). If you’re not a cat buff, then you probably won’t realize this but cats are amazing pets; as wonderful as dogs and even more warm & amiable. According to healthcare professionals, keeping a cat as a pet has a wide array of positive effects on your cognitive health and general wellness.

An emotional support animal (ESA) is a cat, dog or any other pet that helps minimize any signs or portent of a mental disorder through constant companionship & support. These pets are also known as assistance animals and largely contribute to your health & peaceful living.

1. Cats As Service Animals! Is It Possible?

People who want to get their cat certified as an emotional support animal often ask whether it’s feasible to keep cats as service animals (SA). Well, the simple answer is NO! cats cannot be kept as service animals but assistance animals instead. As per the American Disability Act (ADA), “Service Animals are generally dogs that are specifically trained to provide support to the specially-abled or those with disabilities. The intent is to use these service animals to help improve the cognitive wellness of their owners.

While there are some miniature horses that can be trained as service animals, there is no mention of cats being kept as one in the regulation.

An emotional support animal can qualify as an ESA through a letter issued by a professional licensed healthcare expert. With such a certification, there is no training or coaching needed for your precious pet cat.

2. How To Get an Emotional Support Cat

Getting your cat certified as an emotional support animal may be a bit stressing if you do not have a regular healthcare professional or the time to visit the cognitive health specialist near you. If you don’t feel normal, are getting those depressive jibes and experiencing social anxiety, then there’s no need to feel bad about it. With people experiencing mental disorders, it’s common to procrastinate and feel bluesy. Most disabled or affected individuals cannot go out of the house or engage in different social activities; But don’t let that stop you from being active & paying a visit to the nearest mental health facility.

A good idea is to search for the best licensed mental health professional in your state or area of residence and connect with them to get familiar with the eligibility and certification process. You’ll need to take a pre-screening test first to find out your eligibility and if you qualify, the specialist will brief you on how it’s productive for you to keep an assistance animal with you for therapeutic reasons.

You surely deserve Peace of mind and comfortable living! An emotional support cat is your route to just that!

2.1 Emotional Support Cat Certification

Generally, pets aren’t registered but in fact certified as assistance animals. In order to get an emotional support cat letter from a healthcare expert, you need to be eligible for the certificate issuance. There are a lot of service cat registry outlets out there but steer clear of these as they are only scams. Do not pay much attention to sites promoting such registries as they are only imparting misinformation.

In order to have your cat tagged as an assistance animal, you’ll need a written letter from a licensed mental health professional known as an “emotional support animal letter’. As per defined regulations, you do not need to have your cat registered as an ESA, as many sites state, asking for payment as well for the process. Instead of getting your cat registered, just get an ESA letter from a licensed healthcare expert which is referred to as a ‘certification’. With more people getting aware about the requirements for ESA animals, certification services are getting more ‘authentic’ while scammers are getting frayed.

2.2 How Are You Eligible For An ESA Cat?

You are eligible for keeping a cat as an emotional support animal if you are suffering from any one of the following disorders.

  • Postpartum Depression
  • Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Depression
  • Panic Disorder
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Phobias and Fears
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • General Anxiety Disorder
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

2.3 What Cat Breeds Qualify For ESA Status

There are no limits as to what particular breeds can be tagged as an emotional support animal. You do however need to be familiar with the terms ‘therapy cats’, ‘therapy cat registration’ and ‘therapy cat registration’. Therapy animals are different from ESA’s and SAs because such animals are not owned by individuals and are hence not assistance animals. These are also special animals who do not live with their owners at their residence and who are trained to help provide therapeutic benefits to patients.

2.4 The Perfect Cat Breed For An ESA Letter

There is no specific cat breed that is considered the ‘BEST’ for an ESA letter. You can have any cat type certified as an emotional support animal. If your cat is good enough to extend the sort of affection and support that will step up the healing or recuperation process, then it’s good enough as an assistance animal.

3. Legal Protection For ESA Cats

As per the United States Federal Laws, the rights of individuals with support animals are protected through defined statutes. Although these are not as profound as those enjoyed by the owners of service animals, you need to be aware of two important aspects:

3.1 Fair Housing Act (FHA)

The owners of an emotional support cat are granted a Fair Housing Act (FHA), that provides them adequate accommodation where they enjoy living with their pet cat. It also offers a waiver to concerned stakeholders for a pet fee or deposit.

On Campus Housing: Since the Act allows accommodation of different types like colleges, universities and high school you have the flexibility to take your cat on campus. All you need to do is show your ESA letter for access, however, if there is any aggressive behavioral display from your cat then the authorities on campus have a right to ban the pet or claim damages.

3.2 Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA)

As per this Act, owners have the leverage to travel or fly with their assistance animal or cat without having to pay any additional charges. You do however need to show them the ESA letter from the healthcare expert and update them in advance.

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