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Can Dogs Eat Cherries? Absolutely Not! Read Why

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  • Can Dogs Have Cherries? No!
  • Reasons Why Cherries are Dangerous for your Dog
  • Symptoms to Look for if Your Dog Eats Cherries
  • What to Do if Your Dog Eats Cherries?
  • How Can Cherries Be Safe for Dogs?
  • Safe Alternatives to Cherries for Dogs

Dogs and cherries may seem like they go together, but in fact, they're a dangerous pairing.

Can dogs eat cherries? Absolutely not!

Dogs are often seen eating cherries or cherry pits, but what most people don't know is that it can be extremely dangerous for them to consume even a small amount of cherries.

Dogs are not supposed to eat cherries. Cherries contain a substance that is toxic to dogs and can cause serious health problems when ingested by them.

Read on to find out why your dog should never be allowed to eat this delicious fruit. Also, get to know some healthy alternatives for cherries.

Can Dogs Have Cherries? No!

Dogs should not eat cherries, even if they have eaten them before. Cherries don't have many benefits and can do more harm to the dog instead. There are other foods that dogs can eat that will be better for them than a cherry.

Do cherries kill pets? No, but a lot of them might. The main danger is the pits, stems, and leaves. These contain cyanide which is poisonous and deadlier when eaten in high amounts.

Read the blog further to understand how and why cherries can be hazardous for your fluffy friend.

Reasons Why Cherries are Dangerous for your Dog

“What happens if a dog eats cherries?”

Cherries are delicious, but they need to be kept away from your pet. If you let them get near the cherries, they could get sick. This is because of the following reasons.

Cherries Have a High Sugar Content

A lot of dogs like sweet flavors. In dog food, sugar is not good. If your dog eats a lot of food with sugar in it, it might get sick. Why? Sugar makes them diabetic.

Cherries have 18 grams of sugar per cup and there is 1 gram of sugar per cherry. So, cherries can be dangerous for normal dogs and hazardous for those who are diabetic.

Cherries Have Toxic Seeds and Stems

The seeds and stems have a low concentration of a toxin which is called cyanogenic glycoside. When the stem and seed are broken by chewing, this toxin will be released and become toxic to a dog.

This is why cherry fruit, without stems or seeds, is safe for dogs.

There is a chance that the seeds and stems will pass through the digestive tract without being digested. If this happens, then the dog will not suffer any negative effects.

It is possible for Coco to have eaten all of the cherries quickly because she did not chew them enough. This means she did not consume enough cyanide to make her sick.

But you do not want to take any chances!

Cherries Can Cause Intestinal Obstruction

When cherry pits go through a dog's body, they can cause blockages. Cherry pits are dangerous because they can get stuck inside the body. This is especially true for smaller breeds, which are more susceptible to these problems.

Take care when giving cherries to your dog, because puppies may be more vulnerable to this problem too.

Rotten Cherries Can Make Your Dog Drunk

“Can dogs eat cherries from trees?”

If your dog gets loose in a cherry orchard, or if you have many trees in the backyard, it might get drunk. Also, if your dog eats fruit off the ground that is rotting, they will get drunk.

Alcohol is bad for dogs, so make sure to keep them away from this orchard or backyard with lots of trees.

Cherries Can Cause Tooth Damage

Ouch! Cherry pits are very hard. If your dog eats cherry pits, they can hurt their teeth and make themselves really uncomfortable.

Furthermore, since cherries are high in sugar they can cause tooth decay as well. So either way, cherries are harmful to your dog tooth as well.

These are only some of the dangers that cherries pose to your dog. So, it’s better that you pick a healthy alternative for your dog!

Symptoms to Look for if Your Dog Eats Cherries

If your dog has eaten more than a few cherries, she may have diarrhea. If she's gotten into a bag of cherries and eaten too many, call the vet if you notice any symptoms like cyanide toxicity.

Symptoms like these are when you should be concerned:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dilated pupils
  • Shock
  • Brick red mucous membranes
  • Panting
  • Vomiting
  • Digestive Discomfort
  • Pains

Accidents happen. Sometimes your dog might eat a cherry (or more). The pit can make him sick. But, it's not likely to be bad for him if he eats only one or two cherries.

Watch for signs of blockages if he eats more than that, such as constipation and vomiting. The blockage is more likely to affect small dogs but you need to watch all the dogs closely if they ate cherries with pits in them.

Even if your pet is not showing any symptoms, please call the veterinarian for further instructions.

What to Do if Your Dog Eats Cherries?

If your dog eats a whole cherry, there is no need to panic. One cherry pit will not cause cyanide poisoning. But if the dog has an intestinal blockage, you will want to be sure that it does not eat anything else. Monitor the dog for at least 24 hours and look for symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite.

Also, if you catch your pup when the cherries are still in his mouth make him spit, or try if you can induce vomiting. If not, then you definitely need to rush to a vet. This is especially if you notice one or more of the above-mentioned symptoms.

However, even if your dog ingests too many cherries, the vet might save them successfully. They will most probably administer some medicines or proceed to surgery to wash the stomach of your pup.

What to Do If Your Dog Ate a Cherry Pit?

If your dog eats whole cherries, don't panic. The toxin in the cherry is not as bad as the one in peach and apricot pits. If your dog eats a lot of cherries, call your veterinarian if you see any signs of poisoning.

Cyanide disrupts the body's ability to carry oxygen to cells, so serious signs could include difficulty breathing, bright red gums, and maybe even shock or death.

How Can Cherries Be Safe for Dogs?

Dogs can eat cherries with EXTREME caution because the flesh is not toxic for them. Cherry flesh can be eaten by dogs because they contain vitamin A and C, fiber, and antioxidants which are good for their health.

“Can dogs eat cherries without pits?”

You can give your dog cherries whose pits and stems have been removed. However, this requires a lot of effort or such cherries are difficult to find.

Can Dogs Eat Cherry Flavoured Foods?

Cherry flavored foods have added sugar, and some dogs may not like them. But they are safer choices than cherries and can be good for a dog's health if given in the right amount. Make sure to talk to your vet before giving these foods to your dog.

Cherry-flavored foods are usually full of chemicals and sugar. These things are not good for dogs. Even if something is natural, it can be quite sugary.

It is best to eat real food that has ingredients that you know about and know are safe for dogs. You can ask a nutritionist or your vet which foods are safe and healthy for your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Maraschino Cherries?

“Can dogs eat cherries without seeds?”

Maraschino cherries are those sweet, red fruits that you see in drinks. They have not been pitted, don’t have seeds, and the stems have also been removed.

The main problem is that maraschino cherries are loaded with sugar. Too much sugar can cause diabetes or obesity, and it may make the stomach hurt right away.

Safe Alternatives to Cherries for Dogs

It is okay for your dog to eat other fruits and berries. They can eat blueberries, mangos, and apples without the core or seeds. You can also give them traditional dog treats that they will like just as much as fresh fruit.

Some of the safe fruits for dogs are:

  • Apples - seedless and peeled
  • Bananas - without the peel
  • Carrots - cut into bite-sized pieces
  • Strawberries - in moderate quantities
  • Blueberries - lovely just as it is!
  • Oranges - peeled without stem or seeds

Cherries - A Must Avoid for Your Pup!

You should not feed your dog cherries, whether it is fresh cherry or dried cherries. Cherry flesh might offer some nutritional benefits to your pup, however, they are not worth the dangers. These dangers are majorly posed by the stem and pits of cherries.

So, try and keep your dog away from cherries as much as you can!

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