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Dog Car Seat - 8 Best Options to Make Your Road Trip Easier

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  • How to Choose a Car Seat for your Dog?

Looking for a car seat for Coco? Cannot find the best seat options for it? Don't worry, with us you will get all the information that you need to find and choose the best and easy to install car seat for dog.

In this blog, we have added and discussed the best car seat options that you can choose according to the size of your dog and car.

What is a Dog Car Seat?

Are there any car seats for dogs? Yes, there are and they are exactly what you need to have a safe and sound journey with Coco.

A dog car seat is a specially designed and built car seat that is used to travel with dogs and make the process easy and safe.

These safety seats not only help you in managing your dog and restraining its unnecessary movements but also helps you to keep Coco safe and happy.

We love to travel with our dogs and if it is more than a pet, a.k.a. an emotional support animal, then this love extends to necessity. An emotional support animal is a special form of an animal that provides therapeutic benefits to its owner. An ESA could be anything from a dog to a small and fluffy rabbit, and the list continues.

However, traveling with a dog is much more than joy. Dogs are mischievous creatures who love to stick their head out of the window and no matter how much you try to control and manage it, they always do their own thing.

What are the Best Dog Car Seats to Choose for my Dog?

We have the perfect answer to your question. We know that Christmas and holidays are just around the corner and this is the time of the year when you are Coco are in full swing and mood for a holiday. But while traveling with dogs, you need extra precautions and over-the-top preparations to make this trip safe and enjoyable for both of you.

To help you choose the best car dog car seat, we have discussed the best car options below that are better than a pet restraint.

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed Car Seat

The car seat is mainly built to keep your dog safe during the car ride and is highly recommended by the experts. Hence one of the safest dog car seats available in the market. It is crash tested and is found and declared to be safe by the US, Canadian, and European safety standards.

The design is versatile and includes a pet bed, car seat and a pet carrier, all of which make the pet’s travel as effortless as possible

Thinking about the size of the dogs that it can contain? It can handle pets up to 15 pounds and comes in a number of colors. The car seat is ideal for the pet parents and ESA owners who do not want to leave their dogs behind as well and don't want to jeopardize their safety during the trip.

PupSaver Crash-Tested Car Seat for Dogs

The seat is especially and independently crash tested and is declared to be safe for the dogs that are calm and do not want to be confined. Generally, the seat is built for small dogs that weigh up to 30 pounds and has a rear-facing design.

In case of any unfortunate event, it cradles your dog and saves it from any harm. To use it, clip it to the harness of your dog and you are good to go. As for the harness, having a dog harness along with a dog seat belt, car harness, and a good quality collar is highly recommended as it will help to control the dog and ensure effortless travel.

Snoozer Lookout Car Seat

Some dogs are way too anxious to handle and control during the car travel. The Snoozer Lookout Car Seat is ideal for such inquisitive dogs that love to look out of the window and move around in the back seat.

The body of the seat is made of foam while the interior has comfortable and warm lining that is made up of synthetic and imitation lamb's wool. Due to this structure, the dog will feel as if he is being cradled during the trip which will calm their senses also. A great option for the dogs who do not like to travel and are often scared and irritated.

Luxury Lookout II Microsuede Dog Car Seat

Looking for a two in one type of a car seat that has a compartment to carry your dog's things? This car seat is ideal for it. The seat is more like a couch and offers a comfortable seating for your dog. Besides sitting, Coco can also recline and make himself comfortable while enjoying the view from the window.

It has a well covered compartment that could be used to keep Coco's things while the seat comes in all small, medium and large sizes. Have larger breed? Don't worry, they will have a car seat for it also.

Kurgo Skybox Booster Dog Seat

This type of seat is best for dogs who love to look outside and enjoy the scenic view. Additionally, the outer and the dog car seat cover is made with durable material that is built to withstand your dog’s rough behavior and habit of getting down and dirty.

Besides, these dog booster seats are easy to clean and reuse also. The best thing about this seat is that it could be easily hooked both in the back and front seat. However, experts suggest that you must not seat your dog in the front as the airbags could harm them.

Pet Gear Large Car Booster

This dog booster car seat is an ideal dog car seat for small dogs that want to sit high and see what is going on outside. Just like us, animals also love to sightsee and this seat helps small dogs in doing it comfortably. It helps the dog relax and enjoy the journey as it relieves stress and makes the dog less anxious and worried.

This dog seat comes with a number of good and comfortable elements like foam-filled inside, a microsuede car seat cover, and a movable plush pillow. All of these make sure that Coco has a safe, comfortable, and cozy journey.

Orvis Grip-Tight Quilted Hose-Off Hammock Seat Protector

Besides the usual car seats, you can use a hammock seat for ease of cleaning and installing. Other than being easy to install, clean, and quilt, these hammock pet car seats offer greater comfort as you can transform them into a dog bed any time your dog wants to have a nap.

A hammock car seat offers a number of benefits like keeping your car seats clean by protecting the dog hair and protecting from the dirt. by keeping your dog from moving to the front seat and disturbing the driver. It helps in containing the movements of your dog but in a safe and comfortable manner.

Sleepypod Air Cabin Dog Seat and Carrier

The seat is a great addition to the pet supplies and ESA arsenal of the people who travel a lot and do not want to leave their ESA or the pet behind. It is equally beneficial to travel in a car and in a plane also. It is a car seat and an animal carrier that you can use to shift your dog from car to plane and vice versa, easily and comfortably.

It is TSA-approved, could be expanded, and has mesh panels to allow your dog to see outside and be a part of the activities. It is comfortably padded and comes with adjustable shoulder straps and trolley pockets, everything that you need in a good car, and a plane seat and carrier.

How to Choose a Car Seat for your Dog?

Wondering about how to choose a car seat for your dog? We are here to help you. Choosing a car seat for your dog requires time and effort. Therefore, we suggest that you begin with your search earlier and do both online and in-person research for it.

When conducting the search for the car seat cover, consider the following points.

Size of the Seat: The size of the seat should be big enough to seat and contain your dog. Size your dog properly and note down its weight when going to find a car seat for your dog. For safety purposes, focus on the weight of the dog and talk to the salesperson or the dealer about it.

Usability and Functionality: Is it easy to use? Easy to install and uninstall? You are not going to fix the seat permanently in your car, right? Therefore, it is important to check if you could move the seat around easily and comfortably. Besides, also see if you could remove and replace the seat covers easily.

Cleaning Requirements: Is it easy to clean? You are not going to keep it this way forever and this is why you will need to clean it after each use. Usually, dogs shed while some simply likes to mess around. No matter what, look for the covers that are easy to remove and could be machine washable.

Workability with your Car Design: You love a dog car seat and want to buy it instantly. However, is it workable with your car’s inner design? Some car seats like Bucket Booster pet seats have special requirements like headrests at the back seat or shoulder and dog car seat belts. When purchasing the seat, make sure that it suits your car’s design and can be used with it comfortably.

Seat material: Is the seat's material durable and of high quality? Some material may irritate your dog's skin and cause rashes. Make sure that you know if your dog is prone to any sort of allergies and the seat's material does not stimulate it. 

Look for thicker padding and comfortable seating for long-term usage. Some seats may have metal frames as a part of their design, check how comfortable they are before buying them. Also, see if you could remove and replace the seat covers easily.

Consider the Usage: Are you buying it for a shorter trip or a longer trip? Car seats come with different usages and while some could be good for shorter travel, others may be more suitable for a long journey. Consider it while choosing.

Your Dog Breed: Different dog breeds have different seating requirements. Large dogs with more length need more space to stretch their bodies while broader dogs need more room in width. Measure your dog’s width and length before getting a car seat.

Dogs make great emotional support animals and we must not leave them behind when going for a holiday. An ESA letter helps you to live and travel with Coco while a good dog car seat will help to make the journey comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best dog car seat?

FAQ Icon

There are a number of good dog car seats and the best one would be the one that fits your requirements properly. Some good dog car seats include:

  • Snoozer Lookout Car Seat
  • Luxury Lookout II Microsuede Dog Car Seat
  • Kurgo Skybox Booster Dog Seat
  • Pet Gear Large Car Booster
  • Orvis Grip-Tight Quilted Hose-Off Hammock Seat Protector
  • Sleepypod Air Cabin Dog Seat and Carrier

Should dogs have a car seat?

FAQ Icon

Yes, dogs should always travel in a car seat. Without a proper dog car seat, your fluffy friend could roam around the car disturbing the driver. It may also be dangerous for the dog since they could pop out of the window or something might hit them. So, a dog car seat is the safest option to avoid accidents.

What is the safest way to have a dog in a car?

FAQ Icon

The safest way to have a dog in a car is to make your car pet-proof. Secondly, ensure that you have a proper dog car seat, seat belt, and other safety gear along.

Where should a dog sit in the car?

FAQ Icon

A dog should sit in the back seat in the car. But they should be held with a dog car seat belt or should be put in a car seat or pet carrier.

Should I put a seatbelt on my dog?

FAQ Icon

Yes, if you haven’t put your dog in a dog carrier or in a car seat that can’t hold it in its place, you should definitely put a seatbelt on your dog. However, ensure that the seatbelt is flexible enough to hold them yet doesn’t choke them.

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